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Christmas Eye Candy

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I am now hopelessly addicted to Pinterest.

I finally got my invitation yesterday and after about 5 minutes I was hooked! All those beautiful tantalizing images! I especially love the way different people group images – the categories are almost as fascinating as the pictures.

I’ve always been a sucker for magazines, even though I never really learn anything new, because I just love looking at the pictures. But then I hate getting rid of them, and my house gets filled with cluttered piles. Pinterest just might solve that problem. Of course, there are still certain magazines I won’t be able to resist, such as “Where Women Create,” but this has opened whole new possibilities for me.

As I was happily re-pinning and finding new pictures to hang on my boards, it was interesting to see how themes, patterns, and color schemes started to emerge. Now I understand why artists and designers have always kept a bulletin board in their studios. Even writers like to post visual images that remind them of their characters or settings because it helps set the style. Pinterest is wonderful because you can have a board for every project and it is so easy to add more pictures. I’m already imagining how I will use this for future projects I have in mind!

My original intention for today’s blog post was to talk about home atmosphere, especially with Christmas around the corner, but I decided to put together a Christmas Pinterest board for you instead! That way, I could sort of justify the joyful hours I spent trolling for beautiful pictures. And if you would like to follow along as I make new boards, I now have my very own button:

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