The Easiest Way to Find Free Online Classes

One of the key elements of a self-directed eduction, particularly for older kids and adults, is the ability to choose what, how, and when to learn something.

This is becoming easier every day, thanks to the proliferation of online tutorials, courses, and schools. Over the next few weeks, I plan to research these options to learn which ones might be the most useful for homeschooling families. In the meantime though, here’s a MASSIVE repository of links for free online courses that was brought to my attention:

Open Education Database

Open Education Database  This site compiles searchable links to over 4300 free courses in Arts, Business, Education, Engineering & Computers, Liberal Arts, Math, Medicine and Science offered by educational institutions all over the world. The other very nice thing about this site is that they provide reviews, rankings, and listings of online colleges and degree programs to help you find the right program for you. I did not find any courses targeted at kids; the level of difficulty ranges from high school to graduate level.

The people behind oedb definitely put a lot of work in to compiling this reference – they are the librarians of virtual education. You’ve heard of MIT OpenCourseware, Khan Academy, University of Reddit, and all the other biggies (here’s the post I wrote earlier about Stanford). But instead of searching through all those sites to find what you want, oedb has compiled it for you. It’s worth checking out!

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