Gingerbread Beach Cottage

For our last Christmas in Hawaii, my daughter and I made our own version of a gingerbread house. The idea was to try to duplicate one of Thor’s epic beach cottages, although you may not see much resemblance. The only gingerbread we used was for the surfboards. We used giant shredded wheat biscuits (split lengthwise) for the body of the house because we wanted it to look like a lil’ grass shack. Various pretzels and graham crackers provided building materials; and the foundation was cardboard placed over Heineken bottles, since everyone in Hawaii seems to drink Heineken. We used cornmeal for the sand, seaweed for the palm trees, and thick frosting to hold the whole thing together. It wasn’t long before the ants found it!

Can you imagine your own “gingerbread” creation for Christmas? It’s a fun kind of mix between architecture, cooking, and design, with a bit of ingenuity mixed in. Teenagers make especially capable helpers. Have fun!

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