We Never Have Any Fun

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We made it safe and sound to our new hometown in Oregon, but it was an ordeal that I’m not anxious to repeat again. You’d think that after 24 years in the military, moving would get easier, but it doesn’t. It only gets more familiar. Moving has also become more complicated as my kids get […]

Should You Push Math and Science?

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Media pundits and policymakers have been telling us for years that we need to graduate more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students, because our companies just can’t get enough qualified workers. I wrote a little bit about this perceived “Sputnik Moment” last year. But now there is a new report by the Economic Policy […]

What the World’s Best Basketball Coach Can Teach You About How to Homeschool

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The late John Wooden was a highly esteemed coach who built up the UCLA Bruins into a powerhouse team with 10 National Championships. The Sporting News named him “The Greatest Coach of All Time” in 2009, and he wrote several books about his principles of coaching, success and leadership. There is a lot we could […]

Buckminster Fuller

Depth vs. Breadth

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  Eccentric visionary Buckminster Fuller believed that universities spend too much time graduating specialists when what we really need are generalists. Furthermore, he believed that all children are born with the natural instinct to think and learn holistically, and blamed society for interfering with this natural tendency to instead promote specialization (see his “Operating Manual […]


Path from “What do you want to be?” to Reality

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An online educational service called MyEdu recently published a study called “The Academic Journey,” which neatly summarizes their research, based on surveys of 300,000 college students, on the decision making process students use to finally settle on a career after graduation. I found this very interesting, because the study highlights how stressful it is for […]

Girls + Education

Big Change Starts Small – Pass it On

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the plight of women and girls around the world. Is it just me, or does the situation seem to be getting worse? Domestic violence, rape, exploitation, forced marriages, poverty, disease . . . On Valentine’s Day, I marched with a small group of people around ┬ámy local town […]

What About Gaps?

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Have you ever felt that surge of alarming doubt when your homeschooling friend talks about her ten-year-old’s rigorous curriculum, complete with 3-page written reports, Latin flash cards, accelerated math program, and violin lessons? Or how about when your neighbor gushes praise for the new local school science program or marching band? Does it make you […]

The Easiest Way to Find Free Online Classes

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One of the key elements of a self-directed eduction, particularly for older kids and adults, is the ability to choose what, how, and when to learn something. This is becoming easier every day, thanks to the proliferation of online tutorials, courses, and schools. Over the next few weeks, I plan to research these options to […]