Teaching Kids Math – Overcome Math Anxiety with Games

Textbooks and workbooks really are not the best ways to start teaching kids math. Even if your child is mathematically inclined, there is no need to pull out the textbooks until they are older and have had a lot of friendly experience with numbers and patterns already. It’s the same way with learning to read. Kids who have been read to often, see other people read, and are regularly exposed to the printed word have a much easier time learning to read than those kids who have not.

Board games, card games, and even video games help build up a child’s familiarity and ease with mathematical thinking before they ever crack a workbook. Don’t think a game has to be labeled “Educational” to be worthwhile. Those are OK every now and then, but the best games are the ones your child will want to play again and again. I’ll show you some of our family favorites in the following video:

The books and games I mentioned in this video are:

Books: How Math Works (out of print but still available used), Family Math and Middle School Family Math, and 101 Best Family Card Games

Games: SequenceBlokusCribbageSet, Mastermind, Rummikub

Full Disclosure – I am an Amazon Affiliate, but I mainly include the links to help you read more about the items I recommend.

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