The Power of Beginnings

If there was just one habit to help you accomplish more with your time, it’s this . . . decide ahead of time what you want to accomplish. I don’t mean a lengthy to-do list. I mean a prioritized short list. In the morning, ask yourself what the number one most important thing to do today is, then do it. The same habit applies for smaller time intervals. If you have 20 minutes before leaving for dance class, think of what you want to accomplish in that 20 minutes. If you are about to make an important phone call, think of what you want to accomplish before dialing.

“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.” – Mary Ann Radmacher

Stephen Covey calls this habit, “Begin with the end in mind.” Of course you have LOTS of stuff to do, especially with homeschooling on top of housework, and kids to derail your plans. That happens. But your to-do list MUST get one item smaller every day and you must decide in advance what that one most important item will be. If you have time for more – great!

Do be realistic though. Your number one item for the day can’t be “repaint the house” unless you really can repaint the house in one day. Maybe that can be your number one goal for the week (or month); then break the big job into smaller daily jobs.

It’s also OK to decide that the number one thing you want to accomplish for the day is a nap, or a hot bath, or a date with your husband. If that is your priority, you can make it happen.

This is the power of beginnings. Time is a pitiless master, but you don’t have to surrender to it. Just take a minute to point yourself in the right direction, and keep going.

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