We Never Have Any Fun

Playing Bananagrams with friends in a house with no furniture.

Playing Bananagrams with friends in a house with no furniture.

We made it safe and sound to our new hometown in Oregon, but it was an ordeal that I’m not anxious to repeat again. You’d think that after 24 years in the military, moving would get easier, but it doesn’t. It only gets more familiar.

Moving has also become more complicated as my kids get older. They’ve always been sad to leave friends, but it’s been especially hard on my daughter this time because she had to leave halfway through high school, with the prospect of making all new friends at her new school. She’s also tired of cleaning, packing, painting, unpacking, and not being able to go anywhere or do anything “fun” because we’re all too busy at the moment. Facebook doesn’t help matters because she sees all of her friends’ posts about service trips to South America, rock climbing trips to Canada, and other adventures.

She’s had plenty of adventures in her life, and we will surely find some outdoor fun before the summer is over, but it’s hard to convince her of this when she’s in the mood to wallow. Like many of us I suppose, she has to indulge in a little self-pity before allowing herself to be cheered up. And she will cheer up. She always does – especially after a good 4 hour climbing workout and a Pinterest session.

As for myself, I would cheer up if little designer elves came in the night to unpack all my boxes and put everything away.

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